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Fuel Your Wanderlust in Mauritius

Whale Watching in Mauritius
Posted on: June 24 2019
If you wish to combine your holiday in Mauritius with a once-in-a-lifetime outdoors experience, you should take a trip to the deep Indian Ocean waters for an unforgettable whale watching tour. Mauritius may not be the most...
all inclusive holiday resort Mauritius
Posted on: May 13 2019
All-inclusive holidays are designed for various types of travellers -- from honeymooners and party goers to young families. But are they the right way of travelling for you? To help you decide, we have composed a list of the things you will be missing out if you throw yourself into an all-...
shop locally Mauritius artisans and craft
Posted on: April 26 2019
Go Local ! 
From Calvin Klein to Louis Vuitton, Mauritius has attracted the biggest brands around the world. Luxury and stylish marque have paved their way effortlessly in our country and modernized our ways of living. 
However, nothing beats...
Mauritius holiday activities with children
Posted on: March 29 2019
Mauritius is especially popular among honeymooners and couples, but the island is also extremely family-friendly. Children and parents alike can enjoy a memorable holiday that meets the different...
packing list Mauritius holidays
Posted on: March 13 2019
Whether you like to travel light or bring your entire wardrobe with you, we are happy with it — as long as you carry the must-haves with you. We are here to help you pack efficiently for your Mauritius holidays, and ensure there will be space left in your luggage for the many...
Couple on honeymoon in Mauritius
Posted on: February 20 2019
Congratulations on your wedding and a honeymoon well-chosen! Because, when you think of merry newlyweds, romantic settings, and intimacy, Mauritius is rightfully coming first in your preferences. The Paradise Island offers a balanced set of experiences for all types of couples — from beach...