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10 delicious choices in the North to satisfy your appetite

Mauritius Restaurants in the North
Mauritius’ vibrant dining scene embraces tastes from the world’s most loved cuisines and presents them in well-curated and authentic settings. To save you time and make your life easier, we have composed a list of ten tried-out and appraised Mauritius restaurants in the North — representative of Mauritius’ culinary variety. Follow us to the bustling North, right in the midst of the island’s tourist zone, where you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to food and drink. Bon appétit! 
1974 brims with love for Italian food created by Antonio and first-class service offered by Giulia and her team. The restaurant is a three-minute drive from the famous Trou Aux Biches beach and has terrace seats with a spectacular view of the ocean. We strongly recommend asking for the specials of the day before ordering your meal. However, the sea urchin pasta is one of the most-favored dishes on the menu. 
Tip: Book in advance to avoid disappointment. 
Cabane du Pecheur
As its French name suggests, Cabane du Pecheur is the fisherman’s hut. Here, they only serve the freshest street food in Mauritius while you are enjoying the uninterrupted views of the Trou aux Biches lagoon. A few tables on the sand, traditional seafood menu which changes depending on the catch of the day, and friendly service make Cabane du Pecheur a must-do experience in Mauritius. 
Tip: Cabane du Pecheur doesn’t sell alcohol, but feel free to bring your bottle. 
Matthew McConaughey has eaten here. If that’s not a good enough reason to check it out, then we don’t know what is. Jokes aside, at La Voglia Matta you feel like you are being welcomed in the house of a big Italian family. The chefs and staff are busy to take care of a large number of tables, but they are all smiles and full of patience. Everything on the menu is freshly made — they also have gluten-free pizza.  
Tip: Kids (and adults who want to become a child again) are crazy about the Nutella pizza. 
If you wish to relax between intensive souvenir shopping at Grand Baie’s bazaar and swimming in Mont Choisy’s cerulean waters, German-run Cafe Müller is a great option. Just off Grand Baie road, a lush garden awaits you, and the entire place reminds something of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. The owners are always there to welcome you, and more than happy to discuss their homemade recipes.    
Tip: Show up on Saturday for their luscious brunch or on weekdays, early in the morning for breakfast buffet. 
Greek cuisine may not have attained the popularity of the Italian, but for everyone who has tried it, Greek food remains a divine memory of earthy aromas and clear flavors. Also, being so healthy, there’s always a good reason to taste more of everything. Zorbas’ young yet talented chef creates traditional meals with a modern twist, and the result is a delight for your taste buds and eyes. 
Tip: The roasted lamb with sweet potato releases its full potential when accompanied with a glass of Domaine de la Baume Syrah.
Curries (spicy and not so spicy), fresh whole fish, tropical salads, and Mauritian starters are all prepared with the authentic creole cuisine in mind at La Rougaille Creole. The restaurant is behind the Sunset Boulevard shopping center, but if you have some difficulty finding it, ask anyone around, and they will point you in the right direction. The portions are generous, the staff is alert, and prices are fair — they even welcome you with a delicious fried aubergines starter.  
Tip: Ask for their homemade rum. 
In Mauritius where about 60% of the population is of Indian origin, the quality and abundance of Indian cuisine don’t come as a surprise. Happy Rajah, in the same complex of Super U Grand Baie, is one of the most authentic Indian restaurants on the island. Take your seat on the veranda for people watching and pleasant sea breeze. Keep in mind that in spite of its spacious room, Happy Rajah gets very busy on Friday and Saturday nights. 
Tip: Great selection of vegetarian dishes.  
For burger lovers and those travelers who are looking for a rustic dining experience in Mauritius, Dalon is local, quirky, and serves deer burger. Dalon’s limited outside-only seating doesn’t discourage people from trying their luck for a table even on busy weekends. However, note that this place isn’t what we would call child-friendly because of its small size and location on a congested road, off the Grand Baie main road.   
Tip: Try Mauritius’ signature Ti’ Punch rum-based cocktail. 
Located on a quiet street of Grand Baie, Le Shabu specializes in Asian cuisine. From BBQ and dim sum to Thai salads and Laksa soup, here you only find recipes made with fresh local produce. The ambiance of this place is very calm, and the managers take the attendance of their guests very seriously. Feel free to ask for recommendations and specials, if you are indecisive. 
Tip: Before making your way to Le Shabu’s current location, double check with them, as they are in the process of relocating to Pereybere.
When the Italian and French cuisines meet, Le Poivrier happens. A 15-minute walk from the lively beach of Pereybere, Le Poivrier is ideal for a romantic dinner after a sun-filled day. The restaurant is set in a tropical garden, which is atmospherically lit at night. The menu is in French only, but the attentive staff and one of the owners who are always on the floor are more than happy to enlighten you.   
Tip: The parking space is quite small, so don’t hesitate to ask the parking attendant for help.
Written by Maria Iotova, a freelance journalist and former expat in Mauritius.

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