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All about the weather in Mauritius

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Summer season, winter season and tropical storms...
The most commonly asked question about Mauritius may well be "when to visit Mauritius". Mauritius is a lovely subtropical island and 90 percent of the year the sun is shining and the birds are singing but the Mauritian climate is particular. The island mainly has two different seasons, summer and winter, and like in many other countries, Mauritius is prone to have seasonal weather conditions and the Mauritian climate may influence the time of the year you wish to visit the island.

Summer season starts as from November and ends around April. The season is known for high humidity, an average degree of 28-32 and risk for cyclonic weather, tropical storms and heavy rainfall. However, the risks for a tropical storm is more active in the period from mid-December through March, when the sea temperature gets warmer.  Even though this season is highly known for the risk of tropical storms it is actually the preferred time for tourists to visit the island. In case you will visit Mauritius during the summer period, we have here listed some precaution to follow in case of a tropical storm:

  • Respect and follow the safety information provided to you by the hotel in which you are staying. You shall not panic, the hotel will inform you accordingly and even pamper you a bit extra.

 If you are renting a self-catering apartment or villa, these tips will become very handy:

  • Locate the nearest emergency clinic or hospital.
  • Have contact numbers of neighbours and/or locals you may know and don’t hesitate to contact them in case of any emergency. Be aware that you may encounter communication network failure.
  • Secure doors and windows. Have a portable AM/FM radio with fresh batteries. Keep a portable battery-powered electric lamp, candles and matches on hand.
  • Store sufficient amount of fresh water, canned food, bread, biscuits, cheese, fresh milk, etc.
    When cyclonic conditions are prevailing, stay inside and disconnect all electrical appliances.
    Follow instructions provided by the Government of Mauritius.

The Government of Mauritius will inform and warn the country when a cyclone has formed in the Indian Ocean. In most occasions cyclones pass the island or are near the island but it's been many many years that Mauritius was actually "hit" by a cyclone. The cyclone warning system in Mauritius can be categorized in 4 classes:

  • Class I: Issued 36 to 48 hours before Mauritius or Rodrigues is likely to be affected by gusts reaching 120 km/h.
  • Class II: Issued so as to allow, as far as practicable, 12 hours of daylight before the occurrence of gusts of 120 kilometres (km) per hour.
  • Class III: Issued so as to allow, as far as practicable, 6 hours of daylight before the occurrence of gusts of 120 kilometres (km) per hour.
  • Class IV: Issued when gusts of 120 km per hour have been recorded and are expected to continue to occur.

Winter season stretches from April to October and is known to be dry with a 22-25 average degree during day and in the night the temperature can drop down to 17-18 on coastal line. If you are visiting Mauritius during winter season, it is always a good idea to bring a light sweater for the cool evenings and nights. Mauritius is less touristic during these months and you will also notice that many restaurants and some stores are closed more regularly, however experiencing Mauritius less touristic is also an advantage as you will notice the local people and the authentic Mauritian lifestyle more than usual. 

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