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The Mauritian Dodo

Mauritian dodo

The famous Mauritian Dodo was a huge bird of unknown species who lived in peace and harmony in Mauritius in the time before 1598 where the island was still inhabited. The prestigious bird had short wings and quite a bulky body which made it unable to flee and fly off in case of any danger or attacks.

The Mauritian Dodo had never had any human encounters and had no experience of predators until the Dutch arrived in 1598. The bird was very passive and didn’t know how to defend itself and with lack of experience and naïve mind set the Dodo didn’t know that it had become a target amongst the Dutch. With human greed and survival instinct, the local bird was killed for food and those who had survived where killed by animals broad to the island by ships, such as pigs, dogs, rats and monkeys

The destiny of the Dodo had come to an end by 1681 when the last Dodo had died. Today the bird is showcased many places around the island as a memory of the peaceful bird who had to die and sadly became extinct. A forever lasting impact.


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