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Mauritius – Six insightful experiences for families and couples

Mauritius Beach Family and Couples
Known as “The Star and Key of the Indian Ocean” because of its spectacular beauty and remote location, Mauritius has earned the reputation of a top holiday destination.  From museums, central markets and nature reserves to extreme activities, island tours, mountain climbing, snorkelling and diving with sharks. Mauritius offers such a diverse range of activities that will make every type of traveller fall in love. It has proven itself as an incredibly romantic destination for couples, as well as families who want to dive into an educating culture shock. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect location to initiate a wedding proposal or a hopeless dad, who wants to show his kids other cultures and different ways of living, Mauritius and PinkMango got you covered! We will introduce you do the best day trips and tours in Mauritius.
Port Louis
You can not visit Mauritius without checking out its bustling capital city, Port Louis. This iconic city is home to cultural diversity consisting of sacred sanctuaries, unique traditions, historical monuments, tempting Mauritian cuisine, as well as friendly and welcoming locals.
Cuisine from all corners of the world - stroll through Port Louis’ charming streets, while munching on tasty delights.
Sample a vast variety of delicacies of local mouth-watering food, influenced by the best European, Asian and African cuisine has to offer. The street food tour is a culinary around-the-world-trip. Whether you enjoy feeding each other with your fiancee or are eager to give your fast-food-spoiled kids a new perspective on food, Mauritian Streetfood has it all. Our Port Louis Streetfood Tour enables you to stroll the streets like a local, and learn about Mauritian history from our guide, all while munching on bite-sized delights. What a way to soak in the atmosphere.
Gato Pima by Annelise RamoolooOne of the best is Dholl Puri; similar to tortillas but made using yellow split peas, wrapped around in many varieties of curries and pickled vegetables. Still can't get enough of tasty snacks filled with rustic herbs? Try Gato Pima. A very addictive falafel-like snack, made with yellow split peas, soaked overnight, ground up, mixed with spring onion and chilli, and stuffed with cumin and herbs. Mauritians love to eat it with a drizzle of hot sauce. Want something warm instead? Try haleem, a heartwarming soup made with lots of carefully-blended spices, wheat, lentils and meat. It is then served with vinegar, lemon juice, finely chopped scallions, fried onions and chilli.
Immerse yourself in the unique history, rich culture and fascinating traditions of Mauritius.

There are many great destinations to have a relaxing beach vacation for both families or romantic couples sipping on all-inclusive drinks staring into the horizon, but if you fancy some educational travelling, Mauritius’ museums are a great place to start. Whether you are just trying to get some refuge from the tropical sun or want to teach your kids about culture and history. Blue Penny Museum, The Natural History Museum, and The Photographic Museum are just some of the insightful museums in Port Louis. Each museum has its own background and uniqueness that provides a glimpse of Mauritian life. Please read further to learn more about the unique stops we take along our cultural tour.

Mingle with the locals in Central Market

Port Louis Central MarketTo experience the authenticity of the city, stroll through the central market and explore. Central Market is the center of the local economy in Port Louis, and as such, there is always something going on. It is a place where fresh fruits, vegetables, handicraft, spices, etc. can be found under the same roof. Central market is also the ideal place to mingle with the locals because they usually hang around to catch up on gossips about politics and fashion, or simply get together over a meal or a refreshing drink. 
Soak in the local atmosphere while walking through the walls built from the volcanic rocks and chiselled to bricks, then smelling the fresh aroma of spices, oranges, peaches, and all kinds of local vegetables and fruits. Some friendly sellers will be actively trying to sell their goods, but a simple no will make them understand. If you’re proficient at haggling you’ll score some good bargains here! 
Look up to the stunningly detailed architecture of religious buildings.
The diversity of Mauritius is reflected in the various religious buildings found in the city, which are conveniently within a relaxed walking distance from each other. Mosques, temples, cathedrals and pagodas - The diversity in architectural styles is a direct reflection of the diverse populations found in Mauritius. 
Jummah Mosque
This is the oldest mosque on the island. Located on the Royal Street of Port Louis, it has Moorish and Munhal art architecture with impressive columns and large arches. There is a Badamia tree in the middle of the mosque that adds a special charm. Its large branches provide shade for worshippers and visitors in the middle of the city heat. Carved solid teak entrances, towering round domes, glittering glass chandeliers give the atmosphere of being in Arabia and India. 
Chapel and Shrine of Marie Reine de la Paix
This is a very popular attraction for both locals and tourists who come to admire the modern contemporary architecture of the building. Situated on the flank of Signal Mountain, which offers great views of the city, Port Louis, the chapel is surrounded by a green garden that is very well maintained with patches of colourful flowers throughout the terraces. Those who like photography will be very satisfied here while enjoying the beautiful views of the Port Louis from the top of the hill and a great viewpoint for New Year's fireworks. If you fancy a workout with your loved one or have a hyperactive ten-year old that needs to let off some steam, there is a good trail run going up the signal mountain.
Sockalingum Meenatchee Ammen Kovil
Hindy Temple MauritiusThis is an old Hindu temple that boasts a strikingly vivid, colourful entrance. The inviting entrance is not misleading, it is a place of spirituality and peace surrounded by beautiful details. It’s a great way to calm down for a bit and enjoy the tranquillity of the place. It is built in 1854, dedicated to Lord Shiva, with authentic Dravidian architecture that can be seen in every aspect of the temple. As is custom with Mauritius, we respect one another religion and its principles, so please take off your shoes and dress appropriately before entering this sacred temple.
A full-day road trip through paradise in an iconic oldtimer

Have you ever been on the road trip and felt a thrill and excitement even when driving through the most mundane, featureless region? Well, then imagine what driving through a cultural and natural paradise in an iconic, unique vintage car would feel like. Our vintage car tour enables romantic couples to have some bonding time and gathering a series of unforgettable experiences in one day. Our tours use a driver, which allows you to enjoy the stunning views along the northern and central regions of the islands, with your significant other by your side. What’s there to see exactly? Stunning colonial architecture, vibrant landscapes, colourful temples, engaging museums and craftsmen.

The highlights of this tour are:
  • The Domaine de Labourdonnais a museum - which offers a glimpse of the daily lives of Mauritians in the nineteenth-century
  • La Maison Eureka - an ancient Creole mansion, that's engulfed by waterfalls and lush-green Mauritian foliage
  • Enjoy a romantic lunch menu filled with typical Creole dishes
  • Grand Glaube – A tranquil beach area in the very north ideal for some relaxing time
Sunbathe on white-sand beaches, while the kids get to snorkel in unspoilt, turquoise lagoons
Whether you’re a dive master on a honeymoon or a family looking to spot some colourful sea creature with your snorkels, you will love the island’s pristine white sand beaches and the unspoilt turquoise lagoon ahead. Mauritius’s Flat Island is also a favourite destination for families looking for a sense of paradise. Enjoy swimming in the warm turquoise water, building a sand castle and dining in a kid-friendly restaurant. Or relax at the spa while the kids enjoy new friendships and get involved in local culture at a fun themed kid's club.
This friendly family island is ideal for nature lovers who love snorkelling and bird watching. Also, the Pigeon Rock area has an internationally renowned dive site called The Shark Pit where divers can watch and swim with sharks.
Learn how to enchant your loved one with an authentic, romantic dinner - Mauritian style!
Cuisine plays an important role in understanding Mauritius's culture, and there is no better way to learn about authentic Mauritian cuisine than learning some simple and easy to follow recipes in a cooking class held by an experienced Mauritian lady.
This informative cooking class introduces the secrets of the authentic delicacy of Mauritian kitchen, the different variations of local fresh vegetables and spices, popular Mauritian dishes, all while discussing the history of the Mauritian cuisine and Mauritian lifestyle. After cooking, enjoy the meal that you make yourself and don't worry, you can bring the recipe home. This will be a great bonding time for families and couples a like. After all, what’s romantic than returning home, unpacking your suitcases, while your loved one is already preparing a Mauritian candlelight dinner.
Observe a warm-hearted traditional performance with a surprisingly dark backstory.
Comprising a mixture of impressive race, religion, culture and tradition, it would be a pity to 
leave Mauritius without experiencing the rhythm, colour, music and sensuality that make up the traditional Sega music. Born out of the pain and suffering of slaves, Sega was a cry for freedom and expression. It usually performed around a fire, often in the mountains, forests, and beaches 
What makes Sega more interesting is a set of instruments used in folkloric bands, such as maravane, ravanne, drums, triangles and so on, made by the locals, and are living historical and cultural artifacts.
That’s not all!
The attractions here are just the tip of the beautiful Iceberg (or volcanic island!), that is Mauritius. No matter what kind of traveller you are, Mauritius will enchant you with its positive vibe and make you feel lucky to get to see this beautiful spot on earth. From impressive mountain peaks, lush-green rainforests, pristine golf courses, powder-white beaches to the fascinating culture and its rich heritage.
To get a complete overview of all the activities and tours in Mauritius head over to www.!

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