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Mauritius Geography

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The paradise island Mauritius is located in the heart of the Indian Ocean and lies 800 km away from Madagascar’s east coast, about 2,000 kilometres  away from the east coast of Africa and is said to be a part of the African Continent. The island is around 61km long and 46 km wide with a total land area of 1,865 km2. Rodrigues Island and two small dependencies Agalega Island and Cargados Carajos Shoals are also a part of the Mauritian territory but unpopulated. Both Mauritius and Rodrigues Island are a part of the volcanic island chain called the Mascarene Islands.

Mauritius was created by volcanic activity around 12 million years ago and also houses a dormant volcano, which last activity is dated back to more than a 100,000 years ago. The island is formed by mountain ranges, some reaching between 600 -800m above sea level, a central tableland with a level of 300m in the north and around 600m in the southwest. The mountains are surrounded by coastal grasslands with small local villages, however you will find the mountains steepest around the centre of the island and less steep elsewhere. The ocean around the paradise island Mauritius has created an impressive ring of coral reefs surrounding the 160km coastline, forming shallow and calm lagoons and white coral sand beaches.

Gorges and wild nature is to be seen more or less anywhere on the island with rivers and waterfalls. The volcanic lava stones are very present around the island and especially the southeast coast are known for amazing cliff drops of lava stones.


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