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Top 3 hidden gems in Mauritius

Mauritian lychees

Mauritius offers more than turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches and tropical cocktails. While those things are lovely Mauritius offers other unique treasures to be explored while visiting the island. We have listed out three favourite hidden, authentic Mauritian gems below.

La Ferm Coco
La Ferm Coco is an self-sustained and authentic Mauritian eco-farm dealing with good old school and natural farming practices set in idyllic surroundings. The farm has opened its doors to visitors who wish to explore the picturesque nature and the eco-friendly farming practices that are dated way back to the time where the Mauritian income was generated by farming culture. The charismatic farm is home to lovely herb gardens, coconut alleys and endless plantations of eco-grown fruits and vegetables as well as goats, chickens and pigs, making it an ideal visit for kids as well. Small creole wooden huts has been made for animals to sleep and the main house, decorated with cozy interior, offers a great possibility to enjoy a local lunch made from fresh, eco-grown vegetables and herbs from the farm itself. At La Ferm Coco you can enjoy a guided tour visit with or without lunch or you can get your hands dirty and spent a full day at the farm participating in the daily farming practices, getting close to the local farmers, learning about the great farming history of Mauritius and understanding eco-farming practices. Whatever you choose our partners are happy to welcome you to explore their little farm. Book your farm visit.

Lychee Boutique Winery
For everyone who wishes to experience a unique, local and authentic Mauritian wine tasting!  The Takamaka Boutique Winery has been created by a very talented, passionate and fully qualified winemaker, Alexander Oxenham, who is the only oenologist in Mauritius. He is producing wine in a totally different way than what is common. The Mauritian climate is not suitable for the normal production of wine known and enjoyed worldwide due to the tropical climate temperatures, however the warmth and humidity is excellent t for the growth of red lychees, known for its juicy white flesh rich in sweet flavours. The abundant of lychees on the island has made it possible to create a unique and local wine called the Takamaka Lychee Wine! At the Boutique, you will get the opportunity to indulge yourself in a wonderful tasting journey and get to meet the friendly team of Takamaka who will guide you around and explain to you the lychee winemaking process, its history and of course tasting the exotic local wine. Try Lychee Wine

Local Artist Painting Lesson
A true gem of Mauritius is our self-taught Mauritian artist painter! Her works are mostly inspired by simple organic shapes seen in the natural island surroundings and includes landscapes, marine lives, human faces, and bodies. Her paintings are figurative and abstract, placing emphasis on bright contrasting colours, compositions, and emotions that reflect her home, Mauritius and its people. You have the opportunity to meet our local artist and attend a unique painting and art class where she will reveal her painting styles and secrets. The artist started experimenting with ordinary brushes but began to develop her own style by using her hands and fingers as a medium instead. She is known for always experimenting with new colours combinations but mostly, for her endless imagination. Let her inspire you with her techniques during this art class and make the most of Mauritius and its creative inspirations by bringing them to life onto a canvas and create your very own souvenir guided by a local artist. Book your lesson



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