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What souvenirs to buy in Mauritius

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When visiting Mauritius, you will be introduced to several different shopping opportunities around the island, but we have made you a little “what to buy” list that will make it a little bit easier to choose from many of the things you will meet on your way. Our list showcase ideal Mauritius souvenirs!


Mauritius is known for its many sugarcane fields which are not only used for sugar production but also rum production. Mauritius makes some truly exceptional rums and they are all locally made. In addition to the sugarcanes, the island is also home for tropical fruits such as pineapple, vanilla beans, coconuts and passion fruit which are infused in the island’s white rum. You will find this rum almost anywhere on the island and you will find different varieties ranging from tropical, sweet fruity, coffee and spices. You may also visit some of the many Rum Distilleries around the island. The most famous is called the Rhumerie de Chamarel and is located in the stunning surroundings of Chamarel.


Mauritius has some amazing teas. There is about 700 hectares under tea cultivation in Mauritius and the tea is primarily grown in New France, Bois Cheri, Grand Bois, La Flora, Dubreuil and Midlands. There are also around 900 small tea growers, 486 tenants and eight large planters. The main producers of the island include Bois Cheri Tea Factory, La Chartreuse Tea Manufacturing and Corson Tea Estate. You will find the tea everywhere in shops and for tea lovers, it is worth a try!

Vacoas bags

The traditional shopping basket of Mauritius is made from dried leaves of Vacoas, you will find local market sellers producing the bags right in front of you. The baskets and bags come in all sort of sizes and colours and some also come with handles. They are unique and authentic and a wonderful alternative to plastic bags nowadays.

Spices, sugar and vanilla 

At markets, you will also find endless varieties of spices, sugar and vanilla. Mauritius is known for its use of spices in the cuisine and therefore offer a huge range, as well as sugar and vanilla. Bring home the flavours of Mauritius and incorporate it into your own cuisine for tasteful memories of Mauritius - the ideal Mauritius souvenir.

Ship Model

Ships have obviously played a major role in Mauritian history. In colonial times workers from around the world were brought by ship to Mauritius. Until today Mauritians do not forget their roots. The craftsmanship was brought to Mauritius by sailors who visited this island and today many tourists appreciate miniaturisation and the techniques of replica work made of pure wood. 

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