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Mauritius Restaurants in the North
Posted on: February 11 2019
Mauritius’ vibrant dining scene embraces tastes from the world’s most loved cuisines and presents them in well-curated and authentic settings. To save you time and make your life easier, we have composed a list of ten tried-out and appraised Mauritius restaurants in the North —...
Mauritius Beach Family and Couples
Posted on: January 9 2019
Known as “The Star and Key of the Indian Ocean” because of its spectacular beauty and remote location, Mauritius has earned the reputation of a top holiday destination.  From museums, central markets and nature reserves to extreme activities, island tours, mountain climbing,...
Port Louis Central Market Mauritius
Posted on: November 27 2018
Markets are always a must to explore when travelling abroad and Mauritius surely has a few to choose from. In fact, the traditional Mauritius markets opened many years ago when the first port was build which allowed locals to buy imported goods arriving by the merchant ships in one place. The...
group with wine glasses nightlife in Mauritius
Posted on: November 27 2018
Mauritius is always alive and for those whose feet can’t stay still and wish to explore the tropical nights, Mauritius hosts various different clubs and bars, which range from beachside bars, restaurant-clubs, beating nightclubs and cosy lounges.  We have listed a few of our favourite...
roti with curry Mauritian food
Posted on: November 27 2018
Mauritian cuisine native to the Indian, African, French and Chinese roots brings along endless aromas, spicy flavours and colourful dishes. The multi-cultural society of Mauritius has brought a lot of culinary diversities to the dining table, making the Mauritian food a never ending gastronomic and...