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Mauritian country flag
Posted on: November 27 2018
The official language in Mauritius is English; however, the majority of the country prefers to speak French or the local language, the Mauritian Creole. Most places English is widely understood and spoken, but the lower social class are not always able to communicate in English.The English and...
three palm trees
Posted on: November 27 2018
Summer season, winter season and tropical storms...The most commonly asked question about Mauritius may well be "when to visit Mauritius". Mauritius is a lovely subtropical island and 90 percent of the year the sun is shining and the birds are singing but the Mauritian climate is...
car mirror travelling
Posted on: November 27 2018
While visiting Mauritius, it is possible for you to discover the island by taxi, public bus transfers and rental cars.Grab a TaxiTaxis are to be found everywhere on the roads and many taxi drivers will approach travellers themselves before you even get a chance to approach them. It is important to...
Posted on: November 27 2018
Police Direct Line: 999 or 112Ambulance:114Fire Services: 115 Police information rooms:North: 264 9709 South: 627 7216 Central: 676 5116East: 413 0944West:466 1764 Port Louis (South): 208 1212Port Louis (North): 217 4215Central CID: 208 1212Port Police: 242 5546...
spices Mauritius souvenirs
Posted on: November 27 2018
When visiting Mauritius, you will be introduced to several different shopping opportunities around the island, but we have made you a little “what to buy” list that will make it a little bit easier to choose from many of the things you will meet on your way. Our list showcase ideal...
beautiful beach Mauritius
Posted on: November 27 2018
Mauritius offers several of bountiful and stunning beaches, but before visiting the Island we have listed our favourite beaches to enjoy on a sunny day!  These are our top beaches in Mauritius. Have fun!Mon Choisy Beach The Mon Choisy Beach is located in the North of Mauritius not far away...