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group with wine glasses nightlife in Mauritius
Posted on: November 27 2018
Mauritius is always alive and for those whose feet can’t stay still and wish to explore the tropical nights, Mauritius hosts various different clubs and bars, which range from beachside bars, restaurant-clubs, beating nightclubs and cosy lounges.  We have listed a few of our favourite...
hands holding money
Posted on: November 27 2018
Mauritian currencyWhen visiting a foreign country, it is always good to know which currency they are dealing with in order to prepare yourself for your trip. The currency in Mauritius is called Mauritian Rupees and got its name from the Indian immigration which started in the nineteen century. It...
Mauritian country flag
Posted on: November 27 2018
The official language in Mauritius is English; however, the majority of the country prefers to speak French or the local language, the Mauritian Creole. Most places English is widely understood and spoken, but the lower social class are not always able to communicate in English.The English and...
Mauritian dodo
Posted on: November 27 2018
The famous Mauritian Dodo was a huge bird of unknown species who lived in peace and harmony in Mauritius in the time before 1598 where the island was still inhabited. The prestigious bird had short wings and quite a bulky body which made it unable to flee and fly off in case of any danger or...
Mauritian lychees
Posted on: November 27 2018
Mauritius offers more than turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches and tropical cocktails. While those things are lovely Mauritius offers other unique treasures to be explored while visiting the island. We have listed out three favourite hidden, authentic Mauritian gems below.La Ferm Coco La Ferm...
Cap Malheureux church Mauritius
Posted on: November 27 2018
The paradise island of the Indian Ocean, also known as Mauritius, is home to a diversity of religions forming a multi-cultural society that makes a trip to the bountiful island a unique cultural experience. Despite the religiously diversity Mauritians are living in harmony with each other and...