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Mauritius Beach Family and Couples
Posted on: January 9 2019
Known as “The Star and Key of the Indian Ocean” because of its spectacular beauty and remote location, Mauritius has earned the reputation of a top holiday destination.  From museums, central markets and nature reserves to extreme activities, island tours, mountain climbing,...
Port Louis Central Market Mauritius
Posted on: November 27 2018
Markets are always a must to explore when travelling abroad and Mauritius surely has a few to choose from. In fact, the traditional Mauritius markets opened many years ago when the first port was build which allowed locals to buy imported goods arriving by the merchant ships in one place. The...
World Map
Posted on: November 27 2018
The paradise island Mauritius is located in the heart of the Indian Ocean and lies 800 km away from Madagascar’s east coast, about 2,000 kilometres  away from the east coast of Africa and is said to be a part of the African Continent. The island is around 61km long and 46 km wide with a...
group with wine glasses nightlife in Mauritius
Posted on: November 27 2018
Mauritius is always alive and for those whose feet can’t stay still and wish to explore the tropical nights, Mauritius hosts various different clubs and bars, which range from beachside bars, restaurant-clubs, beating nightclubs and cosy lounges.  We have listed a few of our favourite...
desperate girl
Posted on: November 27 2018
Have we not all been travelling abroad grabbing a taxi, buying at the local market and then figuring out that you have been caught in one of the many tourists traps paying way too much or even get scammed? Well we have, therefore we have made a little guide on how to avoid these traps in Mauritius...
bar tender
Posted on: November 27 2018
Tipping Policy in MauritiusWe say that tipping is not compulsory in Mauritius. The locals know that in order to earn tips an extra effort, work and attention needs to be given to the clients. However, hotels, tour operators, guides and restaurants are always going to do their utmost best to make...