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6 tips for a sensational honeymoon in Mauritius

Couple on honeymoon in Mauritius
Congratulations on your wedding and a honeymoon well-chosen! Because, when you think of merry newlyweds, romantic settings, and intimacy, Mauritius is rightfully coming first in your preferences. The Paradise Island offers a balanced set of experiences for all types of couples — from beach privacy and invigoration at luxurious spas to adventurous hikes and fancy cocktail bars. However, to make the most of your tropical honeymoon, check out our advice. We can’t wait to host your love in our diverse island.  
Agree on the type of honeymoon 
Your honeymoon should be an unforgettable shared experience, the memory of which will continue to inspire your future endeavours as a couple. So, how do you imagine your trip? Are you looking forward to sunbathing on a sandy beach, with a rum cocktail in hand, thinking about nothing but the beautiful present? Or are you excited to get an adrenaline rush? If you and your partner have different preferences, one of the greatest things about Mauritius is that you can have it all. 
Choose the best season 
Mauritius has a tropical climate, which means that for most of the year the sun is shining gloriously. There are two seasons in Mauritius: rainy and humid summer (November to April) and winter (May to October). The average temperatures are 30 degrees Celsius in the summer and 23 in the winter. Despite the likelihood of tropical storms, the summer is the high season, when tourists flock to the island in their thousands. 
Plan your budget
From the North to the South and the West to the East, Mauritius has first-class resorts and elegant boutique hotels where you can enjoy hospitality at its best. Infinity pools, secluded suites, and classy service will undeniably help you bond with your better half. However, you can opt for affordable accommodation, which may have less flashy facilities, but there’s enough natural beauty in Mauritius to enthrall you.  
Experience Mauritius like a local
Mauritius is far more than upscale resorts, shimmering lagoons, and sandy beaches. The island is home to a unique blend of nationalities peacefully coexisting, a fusion cuisine, and sustainable local businesses. So, we highly recommend you leave the dream of your five-star hotel for a while, and connect with the community in a novel way. Are you ready to hop on a bus, drive along sugarcane fields, and enjoy Mauritius like a local?   
Keep the romance alive 
Being on a honeymoon doesn’t necessarily mean that the romance is present throughout the trip. However, in Mauritius, it’s not difficult for affection and intimacy to blossom thanks to the various couples’ activities. From sundowners at the forest and sunset horseback rides on the beach to underwater activities and cruises, Mauritius knows how to bring your partner closer.  
Get some me time
Long-lasting couples advise that the secret to a successful marriage is for each side to be content. So, maybe you are longing for deep relaxation achieved through the healing properties of a hot stone massage, while your partner is practising their yoga and painting skills. Find out what self-care means to you, and don’t hesitate to do what’s right for you. Not only your other half will be happy for you, but the short time apart will enhance the relationship. 
Written by Maria Iotova, a freelance journalist and former expat in Mauritius. 

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